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Intermediate weaving kit - Pillow

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***Your kit will ship in 1-2 weeks only. Thanks for your patience and understanding!***

Blanc Laine & Divinity Fibers are teaming up again to offer you a brand new intermediate weaving kit* that allows you to create a woven pillow cover similar to the one in the photos.

You can choose between the neutral (beige, gray, white) or colored (mustard, navy, gray, white) option. Pillow cover will measure around 16" x 16" (this can vary slightly depending on weaving style and sewing).

It is possible to buy the kit with or without the loom (and accessories). If you want to use a loom that you already own, please make sure that the weaving area (interior) measures at least 17.5 "x 17.5". If you want to make more than one cushion, you can purchase an extra "without loom" kit.


Kit WITHOUT LOOM includes :

- Merino wool roving (around 1.5 oz)

- 100g ball of merino pencil roving yarn

- 25g pencil roving yarn 100% pure wool

- 50g bulky yarn (alpaca wool blend) (2 colors, 25g each)

- Cotton for warping

- A piece of polyester/cotton fabric for the inner lining of the woven piece

- Two pieces of canvas fabric (100% cotton) for the back of the pillow (to make an envelope closure)

- A 27-page PDF guide* on how to create a pillow similar to the one in the photos (which will be sent to you by email, not printed). You'll receive the file in English and in French. 


Kit WITH LOOM includes :

- Everything that is included in the kit without loom (listed above)

- A large weaving loom with feet (dimensions 19.5" x 19.5", weaving surface 17.75" wide)

- A rotative heddle bar

- 2 shuttles

- A comb


Material NOT included that you must have at home to complete the project:

- Sewing machine + matching thread (white or off white)

- Sewing pins

- Scissors (ideally for fabric)

- Iron + ironing board

- Measuring tape

- Pillow insert (16" x 16") or filling

- Basic weaving and sewing knowledge*


*I M P O R T A N T : Please note that the guide does NOT teach you how to weave or how to use a sewing machine; this kit is for people who already have a basic experience in weaving and sewing. To make this project, you must already know how to do the following weaving techniques : warp your loom, tabby, soumak. You should also know how to make a straight and zigzag stitch with your sewing machine. If you are not familiar with basic weaving techniques, I sell an e-book for beginners.