Frequently Asked Questions

What does Blanc Laine means and where does it come from?

Blanc Laine is in french, my first language. The translation of «blanc» is white, and «laine» is yarn/wool. I was looking for a name when I first started weaving, and this one resonated with me. I like to think that white represents calm, peacefulness, a blank space that allows you to be creative. Yarn simply is the medium I use to express myself as an artist.


Where did you learn to weave / punch needle?

I'm mostly a self-taught fiber artist. I learned how to weave by watching a basic tutorial online back in 2016. After that, I just experienced until I found my own style and what techniques I liked using the most. I learned how to use a punch needle by reading Amy Oxford's instruction booklet. 


How long does it take to make a piece?

Each piece is handmade by myself in my home studio. Depending on the size of the piece, it can take me from a few hours to a few days (and even weeks sometimes!). There are a lot of steps involved other than the actual making : designing, choosing a color palette, picking fibers, preparing the loom (or backing fabric for punch needle), finishing, taking and editing photos, packaging, etc. 


Where do you source your materials?

I purchase most of my materials online since there is not a lot of yarn/supplies shops near me and I try to shop small as much as I can.


Where can I see reviews of your shop?

Click here to see reviews


How do I take care of my piece?

Click here to see care instructions.


How do I place a custom order?

Contact me here to discuss about your project :)